Blackjack has the appearance of being a simple card game, and in many respects, it is. However, it might be difficult to distinguish between excellent and terrible rules when you take into account how many variations there are in the rules.

But once you realize how many diverse versions there are, it could be difficult to tell which guidelines are good and which are harmful.

The blackjack five card rule isn’t used in many blackjack games . It’s a wise rule for Blackjack players. If it’s available, you need to be aware of how it works to take advantage of it.

Learn how to take advantage of the in this article to raise your table profits.

What is a Blackjack five card rule?

Using the 5 Card Charlie blackjack technique, the player gains the upper hand. It indicates that you automatically win if you collect five cards without falling bust, giving the house a 1.46% advantage.

Charlie can be found as 6, 7, 8, and 9 cards, too. You can get this hand once every fifty hands.

What Are the Strategies for Blackjack 5-Card Charlie?

It’s as if you’ve never played blackjack if you’ve never wondered how to win.

Each blackjack regulation affects the game. As a result, the best approach changes suitably. In this case, the Charlie rules are applicable.

Your chances in this version can be increased by using a few certain strategies and techniques. They are unable to guarantee success in each round. But if you follow these tips, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding:

  1. Don’t count on it
  2. Know when to hit or stand
  3. Know when to double down

Do 5 Cards Automatically Win In Blackjack?

Each wager that is still open in 5 Card Blackjack is a winner if it has a hand value higher than the dealers. If the dealer busts, it loses. A “natural” or “Blackjack” occurs when a player’s first two cards total 21. Unless the dealer also has a Blackjack, the player always wins the hand.

Is Five-Card Charlie a Good Rule?

The Five-Card Charlie blackjack rule is a good one, as I’ve already mentioned a little bit in this piece. It’s challenging to locate games that utilize it because it increases your return when you play blackjack.

Here are two of the key arguments in favor of this rule. With the Five-Card Charlie, even if you don’t have a greater total than the dealer and/or the dealer doesn’t go over 21, you can still win by having five cards without going over 21.

The second argument is that it expands your arsenal of winning strategies. That certainly resembles the first reason, I realize. However, learning new blackjack tactics always increases your chances of winning. The house edge is typically altered by this regulation, which may improve your odds of winning.


The blackjack five card rule is one of the best blackjack rules available. Casinos that provide this, however, are not stupid; they add a few unfair rules to the blackjack games to level the playing field.

The finest blackjack table occasionally is the one that employs the blackjack five card rule. Even so, it might be a ploy to get you to play at a table that offers a lesser return and a bigger house edge than the others.

When playing blackjack, always keep an eye out for the “5 rule,” but also consider all of the other regulations to see if it’s the best table or even worthwhile to play.