The idea of blackjack hard soft meaning, commonly referred to as hard and soft totals, is essential to understanding the strategic choices a player must make. The chances of defeating the dealer vary depending on whether the cards are hard or soft.

The terms “hard” and “soft” are frequently used in the game of blackjack, and while they may sound strange to a novice player, they refer to the two types of blackjack hands that a player can be given.

The strategy is completely different for the remainder of the round depending on whether a player possesses blackjack hard hands or blackjack soft hands. In this article, we will discuss blackjack hard soft meaning.

What are Blackjack Hard and Soft Totals?

A hand with either no Aces or an Ace counted as one has a hard total. A hand of 7 and 8 is a hard 15, for instance. A hand is referred to as a “hard 17” if you draw an Ace along with any other card and it has a value of 10 or higher.

When the Ace can be utilized as an 11 rather than a 1, it results in a soft total. As an illustration, if you draw an Ace and a 6, your total might be either 7 or 17. The Aces are always tallied as 11 unless doing so would cause your total to exceed 21; in that case, the Ace is instead recorded as 1. You can tell which is preferable between blackjack’s hard and soft totals from the information above. Let’s check to see if hitting a soft hand is usually a good idea.

Strategy for Hard Hands

When dealing with a difficult hand, the player’s hard-hand blackjack strategy will likely succeed or fail mostly based on how well he understands basic strategy.

Avoiding deviations from the basic technique is the best method to play a blackjack hard hand. If a player has a weak hand, the dealer is probably holding a 10 in the hole. If, for example, the dealer shows a 10 on his up card, you should assume that he has a 20. This estimate of the amount will typically determine who wins the hand.


I hope blackjack hard soft meaning is clear in this article. Any blackjack player who wants to hit it big at the casino must understand the hard and soft totals. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a soft total happens when the Ace can be utilized as an 11 rather than a 1. A hard total has either no Ace or one where the Ace is tallied as 1.