Slot machines are one of the most popular games in casinos and are a source of income for both players and the casino. While most modern slots have security measures that prevent cheating, professional casino cheaters are still able to manipulate them to their advantage and make huge wins.

The History of Cheating on Slot Machines

The history of slot cheating dates back to the beginnings of casino gambling and even before that when people would try to manipulate dice, cards, and chips to their advantage in poker and table games. These people were always looking for ways to get an edge and win a little extra money by taking advantage of the games’ randomness.

How to Cheat a Slot Machine With Coins

The most popular way to cheat the slot machines is by inserting fake coins into the machine. This method was most common years ago when there weren’t as many safeguards against slot machine cheating as there are now. However, it is illegal to use these methods and isn’t a good idea if you want to play responsibly.

How to Cheat a Machine by Shaving Coins

Another way to cheat a slot machine is by shaving off a coin and pairing it with a plastic token that’s the same size as the shaved coin. This trick was used to get high payouts in the past, but it doesn’t work with modern machines that have mechanical sensors.

How to Cheat a slot machine with a Light Wand

A light wand is a slot cheating device invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a man who helped himself win a lot of money on slot machines over the course of four decades. The wand works by confusing the light sensor that regulates the payout rates on a slot machine. By blinding the sensor, Carmichael was able to get the machine to dispense almost all of its winnings at once.

How to Cheat a Casino by using PRNG Crackers

If you have an understanding of how slot machines work, you can use software called PRNG cracker apps to determine when they will use specific seeds that have a high-payout result. This will let you know when to bet more to increase your chances of winning.

How to Cheat a Video Poker Machine

A video poker machine is similar to a slot, but it uses a Random Number Generator instead of a reel to determine the outcomes. The RNG ensures that each spin produces different results. This makes it difficult for players to predict what they’ll win, but it’s also hard for casinos to stop people from cheating on them.

How to Cheat a Baccarat Game

While the rules for this game are a bit different than other casino games, you can still use the same techniques to cheat a Baccarat game. You can use the same software to find out when a Baccarat game will use a seed that has a high-payout result.